Our Story

Hydrolux was born from a long reflection on a concrete solution in order to decarbonize the transport industry. Friedrich, being a big fan of cars and the environment, had always had an internal conflict between his two passions. It was in 2016, when he entered the École de technologie supérieure in Montréal, that he began to think on what’s the best way to harmonize these two passions.

It was during the first half of 2019 that the Hydrolux team was formed. Hydrolux was then part of the acceleration cohort of the Centech technology business incubator. The project crystallized during the first weeks in the accelerator.

After several interviews with potential partners for either a road network, a marine network, and then for an industrial network, we realized that the best way to start is to tackle a niche market that absolutely needs a solution as soon as possible. This is why we are attacking the warehouse market in order to supply them with hydrogen for their forklifts, but our vision has no limits.


Our Vision

Clean energy to reduce industrial and transport pollution.

Our Mission

Provide a more efficient and cleaner energy supply alternative for warehouse forklifts.

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Team Hydrolux

A team fueled by passion.

Photo de Friedrich Dehem-Lemelin

Friedrich Dehem-Lemelin

Cofounder - CEO

The automotive sector is Friedrich’s greatest passion. That’s what drove him in mechanical engineering. However, he has always been conflicted by the fact that it is a very polluting industry. That’s why he has long sought a way to make the transport industry greener. Thanks to Hydrolux, the transport industry will finally have a viable alternative to fossil fuels!

Photo de Julien Brunet

Julien Brunet

Cofounder - CTO

The field of renewable energy and decarbonization has always been an interest of Julien. In the past, he worked in data analysis for projects aimed at reducing electricity consumption. He was also involved in the McGill electric formula team where he learned a lot about electric vehicles. The technical knowledge he has acquired will be used in this large-scale project.

Photo de Nicolas Dion

Nicolas Dion

Cofounder - CFO

Nicolas has always loved everything related to the means of transport. His passion for cars has allowed him to build a remarkable knowledge base that makes him an interesting source of knowledge at various levels. This interest led him to question the potential of reducing passenger vehicle pollution. It was through his work for the financial consulting firm Edward Jones that he decided to pursue a finance education at Concordia. 

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