Why is this a zero-compromise solution?

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Don’t compromise your productivity.

In a global context where efforts are made to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible, you can rest assured that hydrogen trucks emit no toxic gases or CO2.
Hydrogen trucks are just as safe or safer than gasoline or diesel trucks.
In addition, the low weight of the hydrogen tanks allows hydrogen trucks to maintain a payload similar to diesel trucks, which is not the case with batteries being too heavy, which prevents them from carrying so much cargo.
Essentially, hydrogen-powered trucks combine the advantages of diesel and battery-powered trucks – the best of both worlds!


Recharging is done extremely quickly!

It’s just a waste of time to wait around after recharging a truck when the battery is dead and you need it right now. This happens to be a waste of efficiency and money since the truck is not on the road. Also, hydrogen refuelling is done as quickly as refuelling diesel trucks.

On the other hand, trucks usually use several liters of diesel in order to be able to operate with as few interruptions as possible and pollute along their journeys. This is again why hydrogen is better, since the difference is only environmental.
The hydrogen-powered truck is the perfect blend of the two kinds of trucks as it runs quietly and is reliable just like a battery-powered truck, but charges as quickly and easily as a diesel truck.

In short, trucks powered by our hydrogen have a similar charging time to a diesel truck while having the advantages of an electric truck which is quieter, more comfortable for the driver and more reliable for the operator. Because of this, a hydrogen-powered truck refuels much faster than a battery-powered truck which can take hours to recharge.


Robust, regardless of the temperature! No more charge losses inherent in batteries.

Trucks are often used in extreme conditions. These extreme temperatures often force companies to use internal combustion (diesel) trucks. Diesel engines sometimes have a hard time operating in cold weather, but this problem is known and well addressed by its users.

On the other hand, battery-powered trucks can lose up to 50% of their range in cold weather, which reduces their performance in the eyes of operators.

Fortunately, hydrogen-powered trucks maintain their charge and performance, despite very cold temperatures.

Extended range

A similar autonomy to internal combustion engines!

Hydrogen-powered trucks’ range is similar to diesel trucks. Several hydrogen storage configurations are offered by truck manufacturers to meet your needs.

Not only are hydrogen-powered trucks the perfect blend of the two kinds of trucks since they run quietly and are reliable just like a battery-powered trucks while recharging as quickly and easily as diesel trucks, hydrogen-powered trucks also have a similar range as trucks running on diesel.

Embrace a simple and effective energy transition!

How does refuelling take place?​

Refuelling with hydrogen is done easily and very quickly.

Here are the 4 steps for refuelling with hydrogen:

  1. Park the truck in front of the terminal.
  2. Connect the hydrogen nozzle of the terminal to the truck.
  3. Wait a few minutes.
  4. Disconnect everything and go back to work!


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