Why green hydrogen?

How can Hydrolux help you reduce your environmental footprint?

Why choose Hydrolux?

All the answers to your questions below!

An energy cleanly from here.

Hydrolux produces its hydrogen through the process of electrolysis of water. In this way, we do not produce any environmental waste during our production. We could summarize this production process by passing an electric current through freshwater to separate the elements that compose it. By doing this, we obtain the greatest wealth that our province has not yet sufficiently exploited; clean hydrogen. 
We are aware of the environment and hydrogen is a fair solution given the abundance of water available in Quebec. 

Fast refuelling

Tough, regardless of temperature

Range similar to ICE

We will also help you save money and increase your productivity while lowering your greenhouse gas emissions. You can rest assured that your vehicles powered by our hydrogen will not emit any poisonous gases or CO2 through the use of our H2.
You will save time when recharging since hydrogen refuelling is fast and easy.  

In short, all the main applications for hydrogen have three things in common: fast refuelling, better toughness in all temperatures and a range similar to internal combustion engines.

Don’t compromise your productivity.

Different types of hydrogen:

Briefly, there are several methods of producing hydrogen. The most commonly present are brown, gray and blue hydrogen.

Brown hydrogen is produced from coal, while gray and blue hydrogen is made from natural gas. In the case of blue hydrogen, a carbon capturing technology is added to the process.

Some companies are now planning to start producing green hydrogen. There is the electrolysis of water and the gasification of biomass. In both of these cases, it is currently made in massive quantities in production centers far from customers. This approach then requires the liquefaction of hydrogen. This process is extremely energy intensive and accounts for at least 25% in efficiency losses.

Hydrolux is a green hydrogen production and distribution company combining the electrolysis of water and the power of artificial intelligence. Our approach allows us to offer our customers compressed green hydrogen at a competitive price.


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