Hydrogen is gaining momentum

Last week, we had great news to announce. This week, planet hydrogen did the work for us. News from the four corners of the globe. 

Indeed, Hyundai just broke the range record for a hydrogen-powered car. Indeed, their Hyundai Nexo, travelled a distance of 778 kilometres without refuelling. It’s incredible! In addition, there was still about 49 kilometres of range in the tank. This showcases the full potential of hydrogen for the transport industry. It has better range, and a faster charging time compared batteries. Both have their advantages, but this record of distance travelled without refuelling demonstrates that the technology is ready.

Moreover, while talking about cars, Mercedes Benz and Rolls-Royce have started a pilot project related to hydrogen. That said, although these companies are recognized for their vehicles, among other things, they are developing a generator. Indeed, they want to use hydrogen to power the critical elements of their operations, such as data centres. With fuel cells like those used in hydrogen-powered cars, they can be on their own energy grid, allowing them to get rid of their dependence to the main grid. 

Elsewhere in the world, Japan’s Kawasaki Heavy Industries has unveiled its first ever hydrogen cargo ship.  Although all hydrogen transported by this ship will be produced from Australian coal, the fact remains that this new method for transporting H2 is quite an achievement. That said, for hydrogen to be both beneficial to industry and the environment, it must be carbon neutral like the one produced in Quebec. 

That’s all for this week. On our side, it is one last stretch before the holiday season. Until next week!


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