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As we know, hydrogen is booming all over the world. For many, it is a concept that seems distant, or even inaccessible. To prove to you how much closer it is than you might think, we will share some news related to technological advancements in the field of hydrogen. You’ll see, we are not alone! 

Let’s talk about something we all know and understand: cars. We have all heard of hydrogen cars, but do they really exist?  Well, yes they do! In fact, Toyota is already unveiling a brand new version of their Mirai (meaning future in Japanese). It will enter the market as early as 2021. This one, powered by hydrogen only, will travel up to 650 kilometres before having to refuel with hydrogen again, a process that will only take a few minutes, by the way. Hydrogen capacities are potentially much more adapted to cars compared to batteries, and the effect on the environment will be extremely positive when the process is carbon neutral, and it’s trending in the right direction! 

Toyota wouldn't let us take photos of the Mirai, but it shared these images.

A new study has once again confirmed the benefits of hydrogen forklifts. Indeed, as they are more and more in demand, the curiosity of large institutions is becoming more apparent. The conclusion is that hydrogen vehicles combine the benefits of batteries and fossil fuels, but that their greatest benefit in the medium term lies in the industrial field. Another proof that we are in the right place at the right time! 

Finally, let’s talk facts, and facts that matter today. The Netherlands has just added 50 hydrogen buses to their transit fleet! That’s excellent news. In an emerging sector or industry, we often find ourselves in an infinite loop where potential customers wait for potential suppliers, while potential suppliers wait for potential customers. It is a paradox that can delay the realization of major projects, so official orders such as this one does a lot of good for the whole industry!

Let’s end it here for this week. The goal is to keep you updated on the progress of the industry in which we work to show you how it’s moving along. Alright now, back to work! 

The Hydrolux team

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